We created this program for simplicity. Billed monthly, and we take care of the rest!

What is the Vehicle Maintenance Program?

Our Vehicle Maintenance Program keeps the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle in it’s prime condition, extending the life of interior fabric, vinyl, leather, cloth, as well as the very delicate paint job from the factory. We have designed and optimized a program that will 1. restore the factory appearance of your vehicle and 2. Keep it looking like it just came off the factory lot!

Why Should You Enroll?

Clean Car=Less Stress

We know life gets stressful, and things just seem to build on each other. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about in your daily commute is a dirty vehicle. Phycological studies have shown that having an organized, clean, and fresh smelling vehicle prevents the body from producing excess amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol. So do yourself a favor, and sign up for the maintenance program!

Improves Focus

One of the most dangerous acts that can be performed while driving is distracted driving. This is the leading cause of car accidents across the U.S. At some point or another, most of us have looked down while driving because of something rolling around at your feet, or even lost sight of the road due to a glare in the windshield. Maintaining a clean vehicle will reduce your chances of getting in a wreck, by eliminating possible distractions

We Come to You

The ease of keeping a clean car using our Vehicle Maintenance Program is unparalleled! You can do it without ever leaving your house! It’s as easy as signing up below, choosing your desired dates of service, and we will send you an electronic invoice once the service has been completed, for quality control. Our online payment processing system allows you to keep a card on file, so you can pay with the click of a button!

Increases Trade-In Value

Are you ready to get rid of your car and move onto the next best thing? Having no discoloration/cosmetic damage to your vehicle can benefit you more than you may realize. A dealership will offer you much less for a car that is not clean and has paint damage, peeling leather, and discolored interior trim.

Included Services

  1. The first detail you will receive when you sign up is either our Mini-Detail Package or the Premium Detail Package. We recommend the Premium Detail Package as the first detail, it provides the all around protection of the interior/exterior surfaces, which the Mini-Detail does not. However, the Mini-Detail package is the more budget-friendly of the two choices.
  2. Throughout the course of the following year after the initial detail, you will receive bi-weekly or monthly Maintenance Washes, depending on the use of your vehicle.


  • Platinum: Premium initial detail with bi-weekly service- Starting at $162.99/month (approx. 14-16 details per 6 months)
  • Ultimate: Bi-weekly maintenance washes (approx. 14-16 details per 6 months) – Starting at $125.99/month
  • Gold: Premium initial detail with monthly service (approx. 8 details per 6 months)- Starting at $94.99/month
  • Silver: Mini-initial detail with monthly service-Staring at $79.99/month
  • Bronze: Monthly Maintenance Washes- Starting at $61.99/month
  • *When signing up for the maintenance program, you’re saving $15-$25/month, compared to booking individual details.

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